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     Cooling efficiency for your air conditioner is indicated by its SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating.  The SEER rating tells you how efficient your air conditioner uses electricity.  In general the higher the SEER rating the less electricity your air conditioner will use to cool your home.  The typical rating of air conditioners made before 1992, is about 6.0 SEER.  In 1992, the government established the minimum cooling efficiency standard, for new home construction air conditioner installation, to be at a 10.0 SEER rating. Now the minimum is 13.0 SEER rating. AIR QUALITY HEATING AND AIR LLC installs air conditioners with higher efficiency than required; this includes systems as high as 20 SEER.

    When it comes to beating the heat in Missouri, we are committed to keeping customers happy and comfortable at our best price possible.  AIR QUALITY HEATING AND AIR LLC can do for you what we do for thousands of our 100% satisfied customers.  We identify the air conditioning solution that is best for your home whether you need to repair or modify your current air conditioning system, or if you are in the market for a new solution.

  • Are you thinking about upgrading to a new energy efficient system?


  • Are you frustrated with unpredictable and expensive repairs that pop up at the wrong time?


  • Are you tired of paying more than you should on your utility bills?


  • Are you no longer getting the cool comfort your air conditioning system once provided?

    Utilizing some of the top brands in the industry AIR QUALITY HEATING AND AIR LLC. is ready to come to your home, design and install a comfortable and cost saving cooling solution.  AIR QUALITY HEATING AND AIR LLC can help you choose among the best and the most advanced air conditioning equipment system in the industry that fits your family's needs and budget.

   Contact AIR QUALITY HEATING AND AIR LLC today to find out more about the wide range availabilty of efficient, quiet running air conditioners that will help make your indoor environment a pleasent place to be.




Phone:   816-743-1982